The Pittsburgh Pirates contracts for Scott Olsen, Keven Correia, and Jo..."/> The Pittsburgh Pirates contracts for Scott Olsen, Keven Correia, and Jo..."/>

Interesting Details Involved In Pirates Deal With Kevin Coreia


The Pittsburgh Pirates contracts for Scott Olsen, Keven Correia, and Josh Fields had some greater detail than we first read, as Jennifer Langosch reported last night.  

The contract details that stand out for us are that the Pirates cannot offer Correia or Olsen arbitration if they are Type A free agents after the 2012 season. It also doesn’t appear that Correia has performance driven incentives for 2011.

The Bucs signed Correia to a 2011 guaranteed salary of $3 million.  Correia also got $2 million as a signing bonus.

It’s not clear if Correia has incentives on starts and innings  for 2011 as none are listed in the Langosch article, which seems 0dd.  The Pirates we would certainly incentivize the hell out of the guy in 2011.   His incentives for 2012 are $100,00 for 170 innings, 180 innings, 190 innings, 200 innings, 210 innings; $125,000 for 26 games started, 28 games started, 30 games started, 32 games started.

Why in the name of hell wouldn’t those same innings and starts based incentives be included in 2011?

Correia does have awards incentives for both 2011 and 2012.  He will receive $100K for The Cy Young and $75K for runner-up or $50K for third.

The most awesome incentive Correia negotiated was getting $50K for being World Series MVP, $25K for a Gold Glove, and $25K for making the All-Star team.

The Bucs signed Scott Olsen to a 2011 guaranteed salary of $450,000.  Incentives for games started in 2011: $100,000 for 8 games and 10 games; $150,00 for 12 games and 14 games; $175,000 for 16 games, 18 games, 20 games, 22 games, 24 games, 25 games, 26 games, 27 games, 28 games, 29 games, 30 games, 31 games, 32 games, 33 games.

Those same targets for Olsen change dramatically in 2012 with only $75,000 for 22 games and 24 games; $87,500 for 26 games, 28 games, 30 games, 32 games.  Olsen could make $4.5 million in 2012 if he hits all of his incentives, the club has a $4 million option in 2012 with a $100K buyout.

The Bucs signed Josh Fields to a 2011 guaranteed salary of $750,000 if he makes the 25-man roster.  The maximum  salary is $1 million if Fields hits all of the incentives for plate appearances.  [$25,000 for 350 and 380: $50,000 for 410, 440, 470 and 500]

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