Christmas is always hard on Pirates fans.  Other major league teams ma..."/> Christmas is always hard on Pirates fans.  Other major league teams ma..."/>

A Special Holiday Wish


Christmas is always hard on Pirates fans.

Other major league teams make trades for players that each of us know would have helped the team.  Ballclubs with big checkbooks write checks for free agents that they believe will make an impact.  Pirates fans look at the offseason acquistions and pray that guys like Overbay, Olsen, Coreia can have an impact, that maybe a guy like Atkins can have a bounceback year.

Always the same hopes and dreams.   It’s tough around Christmas time when other clubs seemed to have improved so much in the offseason.   When other teams in the city seem so much different than the Bucs.

But heh, at least we have each other.  And isn’t that what this time of year is all about?

The Pirates prospects are a year closer.  And despite everything that’s went wrong, you’re still able to watch your team.  Still able to dream that some day…..  one day…. just maybe.

So raise your glass high for tomorrow we may die…. oh fans of the team that has lost for nearly two decades, tomorrow we may die.

Wishing you and yours an outstanding holiday season.  We trust you will continue to kick ass in the New Year as well.  We sincerly thank you for investing your time.  To think that you would spend your valuable time with us,  on average for nearly two minutes, that means a lot.  Hell that’s about half as long as it takes me…

If there is ever anything we can do, we’re here for you.

Now go eat like a stray dog.


Not sure if many people caught this holiday greeting from the Bucs, if you did maybe you noticed that Garrett Jones has an interesting introduction, and so does Pedro.  Listen closely.