Pirates Spending Cash This Offseason As Roster Is Overhauled


For a lot of people in the United States,  Christmas is about draining your

bank account.  Our favorite baseball club might be caught up in the holiday spirit, because if you have been too busy shopping to add up all of the Pirates new acquisitions, here you go.  The Pittsburgh Pirates have spent nearly $18 million dollars.  The Bucs have inked Kevin Correia, Lyle Overbay, Matt Diaz and Scott Olsen.

Right-handed starter Correia took eight million to get into the black and yellow.   In the press release, Overbay was announced as the Pirates first baseman at $5 million, while Diaz landed $4.25 million and Olsen will get $500 thousand.  All the cash adds up to the Pirates ranking 17th in MLB spending this offseason.

Some Pirates fans seem to have buyers remorse, but we think the biggest signing might be Clint Hurdle.  The Pirates skipper is well known for his work ethic.  The Pirates have had Hurdle all over town working the fan base.  If Hurdle can help build confidence in the buying public, the Bucs could survive a couple more years until the best talent in the organization reaches the majors.

Perhaps most importantly for the Pirates is that he is also developing a repoire with his players.

Joel Hanrahan and Neil Walker mentioned that Hurdle has been texting the players motivational messages.  We bet Hurdle is using the holidays to make sure he burns up all of the cell minutes on his wireless plan.

Like a great deal of Pirates fans, we have to think a man like Hurdle is chomping at the bit to get the season going.  Thankfully, it won’t be long until Pirates fans are going to be able to see his work first hand in Bradenton.

He has been known to spend considerable time at the batting cages helping players who need more instruction.   If he gets close enough to Pirates fans, he will find each of us has our own opinion on who needs the most work.

"“He’s the loudest human being alive. He’s a good encourager and a good teacher. He’s very positive. He’ll point out some negative, but in the end, he’s always positive. It’s a tear down, build back up process. He’s very approachable. That makes a good combination for a coach, someone who can give you constructive criticism and be positive and at the same time be approachable.”—-Texas Rangers Josh Hamilton"


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