The Allure Of Brandon Webb In Black And Yellow


Nearly a month ago, the Pittsburgh Pirates were first mentioned

in the same sentence with former Cy Young Award winner Brandon Webb.    With so many teams thirsty for pitching why is Webb still available?

Since Dejan first broke the story in Pittsburgh with the following quote:

"“The Pirates are an organization that Brandon and I have a lot of respect for, especially for the GM,” Brandon Webb’s agent Jonathan Maurer"

bloggers, tweeters, and reporters are now saying Webb might be getting guaranteed money. Now I don’t feel like that is a bad thing, good for him.  But when we read that it could be as much as $7 and-a-half million scones for one season, we about drove the rental van off the interstate.

Didn’t teams learn from Ben Sheets?

One quote from an NL source this week said Webb isn’t in a hurry.  No shit.  Why should he be?  The longer the 32-year old Webb waits, the more teams starving for pitching are going to stare at those numbers and drool on themselves watching his dominating performances from his 2006 Cy Young season.

We just trust it isn’t the Pittsburgh Pirates.


Looking at the pitchers left on the market, we were more interested in left-handed Jeff Francis.  But today we read some bad news.  The Yankees who are staring at ’empty shelves,’ might be thinking about  Jeff Francis.   He at least appears intriguing to the New York Post 

One would think Francis could get similar dollars to Webb, because he has a proven season under his belt after his injury.

"“He could be a fourth starter for the Yankees, he has no fear and a big heart,” an NL talent evaluator said of Francis."

A lefty with a big heart.  Fearless….  and connections to Hurdle?  Why can’t he be the one in black and yellow this season?

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