Behr: Shopping Ryan Doumit


It’s no secret that the Pittsburgh Pirates

have made it their mission this offseason to rid themselves of Ryan Doumit.  It’s a task easier said than done, as the switch-hitting catcher comes with a $5.1 million dollar price tag and an extensive history of injuries. However, Doumit has shown signs of power (.501 SLG in 2008) that may tempt clubs to bite.

Here’s a list of a few teams that could use Doumit’s services behind the plate (2010 VORP; Doumit’s was 14.0):

Boston Red Sox

Catching tandem: Jason Saltalamacchia (0.1), Jason Varitek (3.6)

Colorado Rockies:

Catching tandem: Chris Iannetta (1.8), Jose Morales (-1.9)

New York Mets:

Catching tandem: Josh Thole (8.4), Ronny Paulino (3.0)

Philadelphia Phillies

Catching tandem: Carlos Ruiz (32.5), Brian Schneider (4.1)

Toronto Blue Jays

Catching tandem: Jose Molina (2.5), J.P. Arencibia (-2.3)

All are possible destinations for Doumit, but my guess is he lands in Beantown. Neal Huntington has a good relationship with Red Sox GM Theo Epstein, and his bat could be a good fit in Terry Francona’s lineup.

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