VIDEO: 2010 Manager Meltdown Of The Year


The 2010 winner was an obvious one.  State College Spikes Manager Gary Robinson has now set the bar by which all managerial meltdowns are measured.  Robinson’s ejection video is part surprise, part masterpiece, and one hundred percent neurotically EPIC.

The Pirates GM wasn’t exactly thrilled at the national attention the meltdown received on the four letter network, local sports stations, and numerous blogs throughout the world.

"“We don’t want to remove the emotions. We love when our guys are passionate and will fight for their players, but we need to do it the right way and with the right respect for the game. Gary was probably the first to admit that he crossed that line. We don’t want to take away the enthusiasm and the fire, but certainly, there’s a right way to handle it.”  Neal Huntingon"

Regardless of your opinion on the topic, Robinson combined the elements of some of the greatest meltdowns in sport history with a personal celebration.

It was an instant classic and a well deserved winner of the award.  Congrats Gary.

In 2011, Robinson will be moving up from State College to manage the West Virginia Power.  We trust that Gary will be able to get the owners to fork up some cash for some new unis too.  It would suck to see our top prospects rocking the unis we saw this summer in Hagerstown.

Hell, maybe ask Taillon to front some dough….what the hell.

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The Power should be loaded this year in the SAL.   Especially if Jameson Taillon makes it to the club.  How exciting will it be to get in the car and go check out a game?

The West Virginia Power You Tube channel has some pretty funny stuff.