Pittsburgh Pirates: The Best Of 2010


Most of the 2010 Pirates season reminded me of Shake Weight.  But

as we take a final look at the 2010 season, we found some serious  positives.  The prevailing theme being one thing.  Youth.

In 2010, former Pirates 3B Jose Bautista blasted homer after homer.  Meanwhile, some disgusted Pirates fans cursed rookie phenom Pedro Alvarez which enraged us and nearly encited the first riot in PNC Park history.  But then September came and Alvarez turned into a stone cold baseball murderer.  We are still on the lookout for the hillbillies that were at PNC for Pedro’s debut.

Pirates manager John Russell was shown the door.   The most remarkable part of the season for me was just how well the team was playing at home led by CF Andrew McCutchen.

More teams than ever now make the playoffs, more teams in the league send more and more cash to the Pirates mailbox on Federal Streeet, yet for Pirates fans-the losing seasons keep piling up.  But one of these years it is all going to change.

One of these years…..the studs from this years Altoona roster could make an impact.

One of these years all of the incredible talent selected in Huntington’s drafts will impact the team on the field in PNC Park….

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