Milwaukee Brewers Savvy Ticket Promotion


The Milwaukee Brewers are starting a cool promotion

today that places an empashis on increasing ticket sales.  Brewers fans who purchase or renew their season tickets get some cool prizes in daily drawings conducted by the club.  Check out some of the well-thought out concepts they are using:

Running in the Klement’s Sausage Race.   (Perhaps the Pirates could send a season ticket holder to the game with Randal Simon and a bat?)

One lucky Brewers season ticket holder will sign a major-league contract for a day.  Yeh, no kidding.  It’s not just the contract the winner will receive, they also get paid.  This is the one that really interests me.  Major league minimum?  Arb eligible?  How many games do I need to buy?

Another prize is sliding down Bernie’s slide,  while the giveaway in a few weeks will have the winners photo printed on every season ticket for a game this year.

To read more about the cool ideas coming from the Brewers sales team, click below.  I hate when the Brewers do cool shit.   Whatever happened to be a believer in Brewers fever?

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