Pirates Huntington Waves Wand, Trades Martinez To Tribe


When the Pittsburgh Pirates needed to make space on the roster for Kevin Coreia,

many fans had opinions on just what player the Pirates would scratch.  It came down to a few players, but not too many fans thought it would be Joe Martinez.   Not with the Pirates roster.  Nonetheless, when Martinez was let loose on December 22, most of us thought he would be gone for good.

Hell no.  The magician Neal Huntington has struck a deal.   We are really curious if Neal suddenly received a call on Martinez from the Tribe or if his guys had been working on this.  If the phone rang, we surely think Neal might have fell out of his chair.  We almost did.

On what had to be the last day.  Maybe even the last hour of the last day before right-handed reliever Martinez would have been ghost, the Pittsburgh Pirates traded Martinez to the Cleveland Indians for cash considerations or the infamous player to be named later.  Uh, you know what, Buccos, you should just take the money.

We know a good place to put it.

Martinez was acquired at the trade deadline from the San Francisco Giants along with John Bowker for LHP Javier Lopez.

The 27-year-old Martinez split time last season between Triple-A and the majors for both the Pirates and Giants.  Martinez pitched in nine games, five with the Pirates in which he had a 3.12 ERA. He has two minor-league options left which quickly brought out the tweet of the night.

Tweet of the night belongs to @shamtown

We always find it interesting to see what people think at the time a trade happens.  So we cranked up the time machine and took a look back at McCovey Chronciles to see the reaction from Giants fans on picking up Lopez for Bowker and Martinez.  It’s a great read.

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