Clint Hurdle Fascination Continues


Clint Hurdle spoke with the media after minicamp yesterday.  The words championship level were used and then a whole lot about Clint was discussed.  Collin Dunlap has the audio over at the PG+ Site.

One awww shucks sentence sentence stood out as Hurdle spoke:

“The Pirates fanbase is raw with emotion…when I was in Colorado they told me we couldn’t win because of the altitude…..when I went to Texas, you know you can’t win in Texas, it’s too hot in Texas..wear the guys out, (so now I’m in) Pittsburgh…can’t win in Pittsburgh they aren’t good enough.  So this is right up my alley.”

Hurdle said the job as manager of the Pirates has “a lot of upside.”  He talked about his in-laws being in Bradenton and his voice raised as he spoke about his Dad getting to come over and shake hands with Bill Virdon and will get to meet Bill Mazeroski.

Let’s trust the focus on Hurdle is now over.   Yeh, he’s likeable.  Yeh he says the right things.  The media is still getting to know the guy, stroking that ego if you will.  But maybe, just maybe it would have been cool to hear about the players who play the game, since 14 of the players who were on the 25-man from a year ago are gone.

“A holy jumping jingle balls did you see the ball jump off Overbay’s bat!”  Or how cool would it have been to hear, “Rodriguez impressed me today, that man can hit.”

But that didn’t happen.  But that’s just me.  I’m an ass.   Maybe he glowed about the players after the recorder was turned off.

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And since we are in full ass mode today, let’s trust the word hope and hopefully can be striken from the Pirates vocabulary, it sure would make this sentence below sound better right?  Because if  Hurdle can’t do it, then who will?

"“Hopefully, I can be someone who can continue to push ‘em, encourage ‘em and guide ‘em towards playing the game at a championship level”—Clint Hurdle."