Pirates Photoshop Friday


Last night Raise The Jolly Roger got to thinking .  With the help of some genius future marketing super powers and a Doc named Matt…..TMNH was born.

Dan Timko  and FakeJRodriguez  along with  @MattitudeMD were the guys who fired up the new catch phrases.  Solid. 


The talk of the town today will be our beloved Pittsburgh Steelers. The Ravens will be rolling into town for battle called The War to Settle the Score. It’s an impressive streak of success for the Steelers. The town will be lit up and fired up for Baltimore.

Baltimore always seems to play Pittsburgh in big games huh?  Countless battles with the Steelers…Remember back to 1971 with the ORIOLES, ’79 with the O’s, hell….maybe I sense a trend?


For all of those who asked and sent their regards thank you so much.  My knee feels like crap, but the docs rebuilt the correct one at least.  I’m miserable.  Love you.  Bye for now.

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