Hurdle Wants To Win One For Your Dad


The Pittsburgh Pirates get

their dancing shoes on for Spring Training very soon.   Clint Hurdle, who hasn’t been in Florida for Spring Training in 23 years, took some time to talk with Rob Biertempfel.    If you missed the interview at the Trib here are some of our favorite parts:

"There have been times when we put more money on the table (than other teams), but we still haven’t gotten the guys. That’s the state we’re in right now, and I understand that. We’re not the best dancer at the prom, but we can dance."

The most heard from statement from fans is motivating Clint Hurdle:

"One thing I hear from fans is, ‘My Dad’s got one foot in the grave, and he wants to see the Pirates win …’ I’ve heard that more than anything. That’s our goal."

Most of these comments are silly, but they do connect with people.  Think about it.  If you saw Hurdle somewhere told him that your old man wanted to see the Bucs win then you see it in writing….that is a connection that has been missing in Pittsburgh for a long time.

Hurdle Power won’t win games—But Hurdle will win some fans by talking like he did in the interview below.

Hurdle Power won’t improve the Bucs defense.  But Hurdle seems to let down his guard.  He sounds like he feels our pain.

Hurdle Power will put a few more people in PNC Park.  And that’s a damn good thing.

The Pirates need to figure out the rest, like how in the hell they can survive that difficult early schedule.

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There is a nice video at the Trib link as well, our site has been ahem..upgraded and you might or might not be able to see the video below.