Worlds Most Bad Ass Camera Will Be At AFC Championship Game


You can finally prove to everyone that you were at the big game.

The McDonald’s GigaPixel FanCam is taking a picture at 6pm Sunday before the 2010 AFC Championship Game.  So keep your hands out of your nose and your arm off the neighbor’s hubby this Sunday.    It will be a great time to show off your Steelers game face because this camera can do some serious zoom action.

So what is a GigaPixel?  Hell if we know…we got no freaking idea, but because we checked it out, trust us, it’s bad ass.

Basically it’s a 360-degree, super duper high-definition image that will capture Heinz Field in its entirety.   It’s so intense it takes between five to seven minutes to shoot.  Sorry, but we will be drinking our Iron City, Mr. Goo-goo pixel camera man.  But heh, camera guy…we do give you much respect, the chick closest to your big camera is on fire.

Here is an example of the camera from the Celtics site be sure to check it out, sorta cool.   And some more details over at the Steelers site.

Remember that picture above….check it out now…

So smile your ass off from 6:00 to 6:06pm then cheer your ass off the rest of the night.  Go Steelers!

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