Pirates Phenom Pedro Alvarez Gets Married In Less Than 24 Hours, So Who Is She?


In less than 24 hours, Pedro Alvarez and Keli Murphy

will say ‘I do’ at the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in downtown Nashville.  It’s a marriage made in baseball heaven.

Pedro fought hard last year to make it to the big leagues.  His offseason included 12 weeks at the Arizona based Athletes’ Performance Institute.   At API, the first-round Draft pick engaged in strength, conditioning and weightlifting programs. He followed a strict dietary routine and sat through nutrition seminars. The results were encouraging, as Alvarez decreased his body-fat ratio and showed up to Bradenton for Spring Training in 2010 much better shape.

All of the hard work in the off season, paid off for Pedro during his long 2010 season.  If you’re a Pirates fan, you realize the impact he had on the Pirates organization.  His hot end to the 2010 season was incredible to watch.  Power.  Patience.  An on-base machine.

This offseason Alvarez didn’t attend API.   He has been busy preparing for one of the most important days of his life, and missed minicamp this month probably as a result of the wedding.

Little has been said about Alvarez this year, but last month Pirates GM Neal Huntington commented in an MLB article, “He knows what he needs to accomplish this offseason, and we’re going to be in close contact with him — probably much more than he would like, but that’s the nature of where we are right now.”

It seems Pedro will have a lifelong friend to help him in his baseball endeavors.  From what we have read, Keli is also all about baseball.  Her father was the coach at Arizona State University where Keli attended college.

The story of how they met is one-of-a-kind.  The rest is destiny, check it out from Pedro and Keli’s wedding site:

"One of Coach Murphy’s friends and colleagues was head baseball coach Tim Corbin for Vanderbilt University. One of coach Corbin’s beautiful daughters, Molly Blatt moved out to AZ to work for ASU baseball and Keli’s father after she graduated. Keli and Molly became great friends and even room mates. Molly’s sister Hannah visited the girls one weekend in AZ. From the moment she hung out with Keli she was instantly reminded of Pedro. She insisted that they meet as soon as possible.Like fate, Vanderbilt played ASU in a regional tournament that year in AZ. Keli and Pedro met one night at a mutual friend’s house….and were both smitten. As God would have it, Keli received an internship at Vanderbilt University in the Athletic Department that following fall! They have been together ever since. Keli and Pedro are currently living in Indianapolis with their beautiful child/puppy Gracie. As everyone in baseball knows, life changes every minute so this couple has learned to go with the flow and pack light. Keli and Pedro are having fun and feeling more and more blessed everyday!"

It’s such a match made in heaven we know you are dying to know more….

About the groom

Written by Keli:

"Pedro Alvarez was born in beautiful Santo Domingo of the Dominican Republic. He was raised in NYC with his wonderful family: Mom Lola, Dad Pedro, and Sister Yolayna. He attended high school at Horace Mann in the Bronx where he excelled in academics and in baseball. He went to Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN on a scholarship to play baseball after being drafted by the Red Sox in 2005. In three years at Vanderbilt, he received numerous baseball awards and was drafted in the first round as the Pirates first pick in 2008. Pedro is currently playing with the Pirates AAA team in Indianapolis as their starting third baseman. He is passionate about baseball and is thankful everyday for the opportunities he has been given. When he is not working hard on the field, he LOVES to spend time with his…..XBOX, and also his family and friends. 🙂 He is the sweetest man Keli has ever met and he spoils her daily. His generous nature and infectious smile are hard to ignore and refreshing to be around. Keli cant believe how lucky she is to have met him!And a little update: Pedro got called up to the Pirates Big League team on June 16 of this year. His family and friends knew it wouldnt be long and are currently enjoying him make baseball history!!!"

About the bride

Written by Pedro:

"Keli Elizabeth Murphy was born on January 4, 1986, the year of the tiger, in peaceful Morristown Tennessee. Daugther of Renee McNabb and Patrick Murphy and sister to Morgan McNabb and Kai Murphy. Part of an elite group of grandchildren consisting of cousins, Michelle, Patrick, Daniel, Casey, Jordan, Jess and Logan, some thought of Keli being the favorite, but we all know who really was the golden child… dont we Patrick! Keli would juggle time between Tempe Arizona and Morristown as she grew older spending time with her father out in Arizona and the rest of her family in Tennessee. Quickly falling in love with Tennessee Orange, Keli bled black and orange in her high school days at Morristown East where she was an excelled runner and outstanding student. With already having earned some college credits at her high school, Keli attended the University of Tennessee for her freshman year where she was offered academic scholarship. After one year though, she decided to move out towards the west coast and attend Arizona State University where she would also help out her dad with younger brother Kai Murphy. Keli continued running and completed two marathons including qualifying for and completing the Boston Marathon in 2007. On June 2008 as fate would have it, Keli and I get to hang out for the first time thanks to a mutual friend Hannah Blatt. Later that fall Keli interned at Vanderbilt as an atheletic trainer mainly for Vanderbilt Football. This is when Keli and I started dating and a year after on December 20th 2009 we got engaged in her hometown of Morristown. I am so blessed to be with an angel like Keli. She is who i think about at all times of the day, she always manages to put a smile on my face and she is my rock that keeps me strong. I love this woman and i cant wait to spend the rest of my life with her."

A good love story never hurts does it?  If she is perfect for Pedro, she is perfect for us!  Welcome aboard Mrs. Alvarez.


Here is Coach Murphy’s website giving us some background on the relationship of his daughter and Pedro:

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Just one word of advice, take it easy on the wedding cake Pedro.  We like you at third base.

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