Spring Training Countdown: Gladiator Edition


The Pittsburgh Pirates

made a few moves this week as Spring Training approaches.   You can expect more as there would seem to be details still left unresolved with their roster.

One important thing happened this week that should only help the Bucs in the years to come.  Future Pirates catcher Tony Sanchez got his eyes done.  And he posted about it on his Twitter account.  

I don’t give a shit what you think, lying under a laser and getting eye surgery is some serious gladiator shit when you’re a pro athlete.  Think about it.  Wonder if Sanchez got the $299 special?

The Pittsburgh Pirates will need a gladiator mentality in 2011.  Thanks for the inspiration Tony Sanchez it was all the inspiration Kurt needed.

Exagerating? Yeh definently. But we’re another day closer Pirates fans.

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