Pittsburgh Pirates Are The Super Wal-Mart Of Major League Baseball


At least the Pittsburgh Pirates

are trying to generate some increased revenues.  It isn’t everything we thought was needed to keep up with their closest division competitors, but hell it’s something.

If the Pirates really were out to generate increased revenues, the individual ticket sales concept would have been a great idea last season, or even when McCutchen came up two years ago.  A large number of tickets were sold throughout the past two seasons from walk up sales.  Remember when McCutchen came up and their were over 5,000 walk ups?

But with virtually no big names coming up to the big league club this season, this idea is smart, but about two years behind.

Being a value is great, but with four young talented stars ready to bust out, we would feel more comfortable knowing the hometown team was generating enough revenue to keep one or two of them around if it’s possible.  Looking at a sentence that says the Pirates are 42 percent BELOW the MLB average scares the shit out of me.

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As a reminder, individual game tickets will be on sale at Piratefest on Saturday.  Grab a ticket for the Joker…