Only God Knows Why… Pirates To Sign Joe Beimel


It’s interesting that the

Pittsburgh Pirates GM has done such an excellent job in securing solid lefties from the bullpen.  The need for a left-handed specialist is consistently downplayed by the Pirates GM.

Huntington has done a solid job in picking arms for the bullpen in his tenure with Pittsburgh.  He grabbed a quality left hander last season when the Bucs signed Javier Lopez who was a vital link for the World Series Champion San Francisco Giants after spending the first half of the season with the Bucs.

The latest left-hander rumored to be signing with the Pirates is 33-year old, St. Mary’s High School and Duquense Duke alum Joe Beimel.  In the past four seasons, the 6’3″ Beimel has been alright.  Nothing tremendous overall, but he has been very effective against left handed batters.

In 2010, Beimel threw 45 innings, struck out 4.2 batters per nine and walked 3 batters per nine innings pitched.  His ERA was 3.40, but his  xFIP nearly reached 5.0.  The Bucs needed a left hander and Beimel will be a serviceable pick up for 2011. 

It will be interesting to see what he signs for and if the Bucs will go more than a year, or simply an invite to camp.  Beimel gives the Bucs a lefty with an improved track record, especially since 2006.  That’s more than they could say yesterday.

Stay tuned.  Hit it Kid

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