Taillon and Sanchez Represent Pirates On Keith Laws Top 100 Prospects


Keith Law delivered his

top 100 prospects in MLB today.  If you’re not familiar with Law, he is a respected man around the game.  He worked with the Blue Jays for four years working his way to special assistant to the GM.  He resigned in May of 2006 to join the boys in Bristol where he is the Sr. Baseball Analyst for Scouts, Inc at the four letter network.

He doesn’t refer to anyone elses rankings of prospects.  He watches.  Evaluates.  Reports.   Yesterday on his blog, he told a reader who disagreed with his rankings,  “the door is to the left.”    Yeh, Law is a friendly guy.

Law ranked the Pittsburgh Pirates system number 21 yesterday, so we didn’t expect much today when the Top 100 was released.  Jameson Taillon checked in at number 30 while Tony Sanchez jumped to 63.  The move up the board by Sanchez is an outstanding sign, so don’t be too disappointed about Stetson Allie being left off the list at this time.

Having Taillon at 30 was also a bit of a surprise for me.   Law mentions his tendency to overthrow and need for a changeup as the only critiques in his writeup.

As for Sanchez:

"“[Sanchez has] above-average raw power and would have a chance to hit for average at the same time, making him a fringe All-Star at that position. He’s an extremely hard worker who ended up at Boston College without a scholarship but improved his body to the point where he not only made the team, but became its best player. I wouldn’t bet against him at this point.”–Keith Law on ESPN Insider Top 100 Prospects"

Luis Heredia just missed Law’s top 100 and he had this to explain why:

So what’s it all mean?  In Laws’ eyes, the Pirates system is in the lower third of MLB despite their efforts to rebuild the minor league system.   It’s bitter to read, but really it’s just one man’s opinion, the Pirates young talent now gets the chance to go out and prove it all wrong.

Areas of concern:  The Reds have five players in the top 65.  Gulp.

Law’s Top 10 in the Pirates system ranked Heredia ahead of Allie which was interesting.


In 2010, Law ranked Pedro Alvarez at 35, Jose Tabata at 57, and Tony Sanchez at 82.

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