Is The Pedro Alvarez Honeymoon Over For The Pirates?


Remember that daydream we had about Pedro Alvarez?

It was so vivid, we were parking cars at the Alvarez Murphy wedding when we popped our head into the reception.  It was ugly.  Pedro had added fifty pounds.  Ugly…

We drifted off as we were watching a Pittsburgh Penguins game, but thankfully we were snapped from the nightmare when Mark LeTestu scored a goal for the Pens…

So the daydream was true after all.  It looks like it’s just 15 pounds though, not fifty.  Everyone take a deep breath and step away from the cake.

Let’s trust Alvarez is using the time out of the spotlight, coincidence I’m sure, to drop the poundage.  His new wife has been a marathon runner-completing the Boston Marathon, so Pedro sounds like he is in great hands.

But it seems the Pirates brass aren’t thrilled.  Perhaps their anger has been directed at Scott Boras?  Perhaps the Bucs brass are mad at themselves, after all,  Alvarez worked so hard last off season, it seems a waste to let it all disappear this year.

But will this matter if Pedro picks up where he left off last September?  The entire key to Pedro Alvarez is power. And really, if some muscle/weight helps him crush the ball, we say great.

Heh, since I’m awake now, pass me another piece of that cake.

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