Pirates Season Ticket Holders Reap Benefits


After checking out

PirateFest this weekend, an interesting thought came to mind.  The Pirates are making every effort to give advantages to the season ticket holders.  It’s pretty special.

The Pirates called today to review suggestions from PirateFest.  The Pirates are all about improving fan relation and satisfaction.  They truly get it.  We credit them for this.

As expected, we hit the Pirates hard on some things they do.  To the Pirates credit they don’t rip our ideas.  Today, the guys discussed some of our comments.  To their defense,  some things the Pirates simply can’t do because MLB  ties their hands.  For example, one suggestion we made was better use of Facebook.  Frustratingly enough, MLB places limits on the Bucs ability to use this tool.

One thing stood out from the call, the Pirates are going to offer every opportunity for season ticket holders to reap the benefits of the investment.   It’s admirable.  It’s also crazy to think how low of an investment it takes to reap benefits.

Look, we aren’t here to sell tickets for the Bucs they are doing fine in that regard, but remember this, for $90 you can grab a ten game plan in the bleachers.  That.  Is. Insane.   So are some of the benefits the Pirates are currently offering. 

In the long run, one has to think some of these benefits are going to slowly come to an end.  It’s impossible to operate this way forever.  At times the benefits are simply over the top–we have said this before, we have encounterd no better people to do business with in sports.  We enjoy the people who work for the Pirates, they get it.  They understand the history.  They understand the frustration.  They over-deliver on what they promise.

Just this past week take a look at some of the creative things they are doing for their most loyal supporters.

On the Pirates Caravan, certain events this season were dedicated for season ticket holders.

On Friday night, PiratesFest was open for season ticket holders only.

On Sunday morning, season ticket holders were able to enter PirateFest at 10am.

In our piece on PirateFest improvements, people brought up the autograph lines which were tremendously long.  It was maddening to think how dedicated these fans are.  We feel the Bucs should and probably will address this, but personally we never stood in these lines.   The Pirates simply make it so beneficial for their season ticket holders, the most time we spent in a line was about twenty minutes.

Season tickets are an investment.  But when we think of the added benefits, hell, just from PirateFest alone, it is an investment we think has some nice returns.

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