Ben Roethlisberger Should Have Sung These Billy Joel Songs


Ben Roethlisberger took

Max Starks and Willie Colon out to destroy some Dallas barbeque and then headed to listen to some live music. Rather harmless stuff, but the haters started hatin soon afterward.

It sucks your team isn’t in the Super Bowl doesn’t it?  Go vote again on the TMZ poll because you really don’t have much else to do these days do you?

So the two-time Super Bowl Champion QB Roethlisberger headed out last night.  We can’t help but wish we were there to pick out a few Billy Joel songs for the piano man to play.  We even re-mixed some Billy Joel lyrics for Ben and the boys to sing.

"Ben is not a statue, so Packers you better pray….The commish waited to tell him the price that he’d pay….for things that he MIGHT have done….only the good win young….you might have heard Ben runs with a dangerous crowd…they ain’t too pretty…they ain’t too proud…it just seems they were laughing a bit too loud…They say there’s a heaven for those who will wait….some say it’s better but we say it ain’t…I’d rather laugh with the Steelers than cry with the saints,  the Steelers are much more fun…"

Ben’s life is so much better than the life of your QB.  It seems to me that your QB always lets you down.  Damn, the life of a Steelers fan is soooo much better than your life. Six times better. Soon to be seven.

Hit it piano man.

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