MLB Network Names Pirates Neil Walker Number Ten 2B Right Now


Pittsburgh Pirates Neil Walker

was named number ten second baseman right now.  Walker’s .296 average and 66 RBI were featured on the first segment which showed Walker trotting around the bases after hitting one of his 12 homeruns.

Walker’s 18-game hitting streak was discussed along with his average being the second highest among NL second basemen with a minimum of 400 plate appearances.

Harold Reynolds said,

"“The list is about right now.  He’s got nice range, can go get a ball in the outfield.  He’s a switch hitter…poses that problem.  He’s not afraid to get rid of the ball, turn the double plays.  He seems to be learning how to play the game. And he’s kind of lost in Pittsburgh right now, they are building with a lot of young talent.  But had he been in a bigger market a lot of people would be saying this kid can play a little bit.” …the thing I like as you saw that last graphic that showed Walker with 87 hits after the All-Star Break, that means the second half when everybody started adjusting to him, he made great adjustments.  This kid is going to put up numbers.  Nice player.”  Harold Reynolds"

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