Pirates Fans We Have A New (Old) Enemy


 Sometimes it’s best to just keep your mouth shut.   Cincinnati Reds’ radio announcer Marty Brennaman never is able to do that.  [via Colin at PG]

Clipped from: www.dailymail.com (share this clip)

There is nothing I like about the city of Cincinnati.   But nobody cares about that.

It’s one thing for Pirates fans to be critical of our ballclub as we are living it, but we don’t need to know how this ass hat feels about the Bucs.  I could care less how respected this man is, he lost mine when he went on this rant during a baseball banquet at Marshall University.

"“They’ve (Pirates) probably improved themselves, which means they’ll probably lose 97 games,” said Brennaman of the Pirates, who were 57-105 in 2010. “There’s no light at the end of the tunnel for that franchise. There really isn’t. “I don’t think it has great ownership, I don’t think it has great baseball expertise in its front office, and is strapped for finances, which is probably the single biggest problem. I feel bad for them. PNC Park is one of the fine ballparks in Major League Baseball.”"

Is what he says about Pirates ownership true?  Maybe it is.   Is calling out the front office true?  Maybe it is.

Is calling the Marshall President ‘queer’ true?  No that’s just shocking and a paper said he should have  used better words than that…really?  Ya think?? But remember, Marty says what he wants.   

Telling 400 people how many games the Pirates team will lose is a smack in our face as Pirates fans.  Telling them he feels bad for us pisses me off to no end.  I trust I am not alone.

I also trust Clint Hurdle reads this quote before every Reds game for as long as he manages in Pittsburgh.  And I trust Marty reads the sign I will be holding too…

because we don’t need you to ever “feel bad” for us Marty.  See you soon

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