Does Ohlendorf Win Motivate Arbitration Eligible Pirates For 2011 Season?


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2011 seasons could come out of the decision made in a courtroom yesterday in favor of Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Ross Ohlendorf.  After Ohlendorf won his arbitration case we were curious just how 2012 would look for the Pittsburgh Pirates pitching staff.

What we found was interesting.  The first thing we wanted to do was look at what money has already been committed:

Paul Maholm is due $9.75 million (75K buyout.)  Scott Olsen is in line for a $4.0 million pile of checks.  Kevin Correia will be due $3.0 million.  James McDonald, Charlie Morton, and Brad Lincoln will still be on the minimum.

But the list of arbitration eligible Pirates pitchers on the 40-man is very interesting.

Ohlendorf will be arbitration eligible again along with Joel ‘Terminator’ Hanrahan.  Evan Meek, an All-Star in 2010, will become arbitration eligible for the first time.

Joining Meek will be some serviceable arms that could prove effective for the Pirates in 2011 and make for interesting cases:  the list includes Jeff Karstens, Chris Resop and Jose Ascanio.  Kevin Hart could join this list also.

We thought about this during PirateFest, but were too caught up talking with friends too get the information to you.  Think about having the first or second opportunity to make a big payday in professional sports.  Typically, professional athletes get up for such opportunities.  One could argue Ohlendorf wasn’t prepared for the 2010 season and still got a nice payday, just imagine if he had skipped the internship for an offseason in the weight room?

It could be very beneficial for the Bucs.  Just think about it.

We already saw a more fit Evan Meek at PirateFest.  He looks visibly different and even acknowledged the fact in an on-air interview with 104.7.  The man knows a successful 2011 season will bring his first payday.   Hanrahan settled with the Bucs this year, but if he puts together another solid 2011 season, he too will get a sizeable bump.

So it wouldn’t surprise me at all to soon hear stories about what great shape Karstens is in again.  Last year after he was ignored during Spring Training, Karstens eventually made it back to the big club and talked about an offseason filled  with workout regimens to prepare him.  We gotta believe that story will be back again.  Don’t be shocked to hear the same tales from Hart, Resop, and Ascanio as well.

So for those of you bemoaning the thought of Ohlendorf getting a nice bump in pay, maybe, just maybe some guys will take notice.  That would definently help the 2011 Bucs pitching staff.    Shitt, it certainly can’t hurt.


POSITION PLAYER ARBITRATION:  A couple other arbitration possibilities could be looming in 2012 with McCutchen and Tabata although doubtful.  But two certain cases will be Steve Pearce who is arb eligible and Garrett Jones who will be Super Two.

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