Win Your Copy Of Pro Scouting– Pittsburgh Pirates Edition


We picked up a shipment

of the new Pittsburgh Pirates Pro Scouting Guide for you guys.   The winner of the photo caption contest will start getting a copy of it immediately.  Here’s why we love it:

Professional scouts wrote it, not sportswriters.  Men who are paid to evaluate baseball talent do what they do best taking a look at 75 prospects in the Pirates system.   It then takes a detailed look at the top 25 talents in the Bucs system.

The Top Ten is interesting with Taillon, Lambo, Morris, Baker, Heredia, Moreno, Allie, Marte, Sanchez, and Owens.  But of course it’s not quite in that order so drop your best caption to get a shot at finding out for yourself just what the scouts think of the Bucs prospects.

We spoke with Anup Sinha, Editor in Chief, at PirateFest.   The man knows his stuff.  Smart. (He was a chemistry major!)  Professional.  Detailed.  Informative  (just like his posts on the website linked below.)

Anup stood by each of his rankings of the young Pirates players with a passion.   He cited clear and concise reasons for each.

The magazine has great pictures.  High gloss.  A real sharp look.

A bottom line look at just how strong the Pirates farm system is.

One more thing we enjoyed is that the magazine lines up when the players are projected to arrive at PNC Park.  Yeh, that’s the important stuff!  A wave by wave, year by year, collection of projected talent arrival  in one concise format.

We know you will love it.  So drop your winning caption in the contest and you just might get your very own copy all compliments of the jack wagons at RumBunter.

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