Bradenton Marauders broadcaster Joel Godett interviews 2010  

Bradenton Marauders broadcaster Joel Godett interviews 2010

Video: Pirates Tony Sanchez Is Hungry


Bradenton Marauders broadcaster Joel Godett interviews 2010 Marauders catcher and FSL All-Star Tony Sanchez.   In 2010, Sanchez suffered a broken jaw after being drilled by a pitch.   The Bucs first-rounder talks about the injury, his recovery, being flap or flapless this season, he also discusses his time in the Arizona Fall League and where he hopes to play in 2011.

We were impressed with the quick start Sanchez had in the AFL. It’s pretty cool to hear Sanchez talk about pressure in the video as well.  If he can keep hitting this season, look for a quick rise as catching talent is very thin in the Bucco ranks. Remember, this guy worked his ass off to soar up the draft boards when he was in Boston College. It doesn’t appear he has stopped working since.

While in the AFL, Sanchez showed he was fully recovered from the broken jaw. He hit safely in six of the first seven games he played in, but he faded toward the end of the season for Mesa.   Check out his work in this video, he was still damn thin, which of course happens when your jaw gets wired shut.

You will see Sanchez batting at the 1:43 mark.  You can view him behind the plate starting at the 3:00 minute mark.  Look close at the 3:33 mark, Pirates fans haven’t seen that it in a long, long time.

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After we posted that pic of Sanchez and Sanguillen today, we got this from Sanchez.  Heh, with Twitter even ass hats like us can get a reply from a future major league stud.  You can to.  Do it.