Could Other Moves Indicate Whether Pittsburgh Pirates GM Stays Or Goes?


Neal Huntington’s contract was the early talk today at Pirate City.  Most of you know that Huntington is in the final year of his deal.  Frank Coonelly stated something to the effect of anticipating Huntington would be with the Pirates for a long time.

Glad to hear it.

We love speculation because we don’t have much else to go on today.  How will the Pirates react to the passing of the great Bill Lajoie and Chuck Tanner?  Think about it–it opens up two big holes in the Pirates staff.  Each of those men were advisors to Huntington, both loved this organization and worked tirelessly to help turn it around.

So will they be replaced this year?  Or will the Pirates wait until a decision is made on Huntington?

It will be impossible to replace the knowledge and skill that those two great baseball minds possessed.  Talent like Lajoie and Tanner is so rare.  To lose both men is obviously very sad for the families and their extended families–the Pirates fans.  But to lose both at such a crucial time is tough on the Pirates organization.  It forces some difficult decisions to be made.

There are men around Major League Baseball who could fill the positions admirably and provide valued advice for the Pirates.

Let’s say the Bucs make a move and hire two new advisors that Huntington hand picks.  Things shake out during the 2011 season and Huntington is gone at years end.  A new GM search begins and typically new bosses enjoy bringing in a team of people that they know and trust will be able to create success together.  It happens at organizations all over the planet.

So what the hell will the Bucs do with a GM who is ‘officially on the clock?’  Coonelly certainly made it sound like Huntington wasn’t going anywhere, but he also said he would continue to evaluate it.  Confusing.

The answer to filling the advisor positions might give us the answer on whether confidence is high for  Huntington to stick around.     We say Huntington needs to roll forward and press for new advisors.   The Pirates need as many eyes and ears around the league as possible.  If Huntington is shown the door, it wouldn’t be hard to sort it all out, but for now it’s time to press forward.


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To say that the Indianapolis Indians, the Pirates AAA team might not compete is ridiculous.  Think twice before you use this site for your gambling problem. Heh, as long as your not missing your child’s school play, we say let it ride.

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