Pirates Chairman of the Board Puts His Foot Down


When will it end?

At some point it simply makes sense to stop talking.  Pittsburgh fell in love with baseball a long, long time ago.  Even before the town fell in love with the great game of football.  The baseball fans know exactly what they expect in 2011.

Some are optimistic and point to the additions, many of these well educated fans point to the addition by subtraction and the maturation of the young talent.  Other fans are pessimistic, and it’s easy to understand when looking at the 40-man and all the nearly 300 losses the Pittsburgh Pirates organization has piled up recently.  It’s difficult for some fans to look at the improvement in the system, there is one place some fans look at that is at the standings each day.  The ball club has also driven many fans away, perhaps embarassed by their hometown club.

But deep down it’s in all of our blood.  We are baseball fans.  Positive or Negative.  Die hard or white flag waver.

Pittsburgh is a baseball town.  Well, it was a baseball town.  And perhaps if Bob Nutting would simply stop talking, some of those fans wouldn’t get pissed off at the organization before the first pitch of the season is thrown.  Pittsburgh could return to being a glorious baseball town, a town that isn’t split over their affection for a once proud franchise.

Impossible?  Nothing is impossible.  But some silence at the very top, could be a nice start out of the gate for a young team, and maybe one day soon at the gates of PNC Park.

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The audio from the PG of Bob Nutting including the “we need to commit to winning a championship.”