No Access Beat: Pirates Spring Training Videos (One in 3-D)


It’s so damn funny.

Some people get it, some don’t. Just another day in the life of a Pittsburgh Pirates fan. So many want to love this team. So many writers want to blast the team. So many bloggers want to defend the team.   So many Pirates fans can’t see what is happening.

Yet in spite of it all, Pirate City is beginning to ooze with young talent. All of it arrives today. It is a middle of the pack group, in MLB rankings terms, that will need direction in order to shine. It reminded me of the time my wife and I went to the ballet in Mexico.

All of the girls were talented. The ability to make a pile of cash was there. It was right before their eyes. All they needed to do was grab it. However, their music selection was Pink Floyd.

My gorgeous wife tried to provide direction and instruction, but we were just tourists. We could see that ability, but in a few hours we were headed back home. The talent will be left to the experts to nuture and prosper.

But damn, did we enjoy it. The Mexican ballet is a wonderous treat for everyone to enjoy. Just like Pittsburgh Pirates baseball. Sure, the decisions by the owners and management of both will be always be in question, but the talent is nonetheless enjoyable.

Today we had a chat with an usher who has 20-years of service this year. Ron said it best:

"It simply sounds different when Pedro is in the batting cage."

Yeh, we agree Ron. Sounds that way at the plate too…

Garrett Freakin’ Jones provided you with this 3-D video. Put your glasses on kid.

Ok, you can take those glasses off now. GFJ rips a double in traditional 2-D fashion. Jones went 3-for-3 against the Rays young pitchers.

During a PirateFest Q&A, Clint Hurdle talked about running like druken sailors on shore leave. We’re an Army house, hua, hua…. but if this is what druken sailors run like, we are fans.

Kevin Correia is fine, just overthrowing. Pretty easy to see it. Here is a cornucopia of his performance for you.

And then lost him….

Louisville likes when this happens….

Jose Tabata looks like a beast.

The moment of silence for Bill and Chuck today was very cool.

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 Proving the Pirates will do anything for attendance, the guys at the gate let this guy in?  He must have snuck in late…

Oh, yeh, please tell me you have been to the ballet….or that whole analogy means zip to you….