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article on todays starter–Shields.

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Fallen Officers

Many of you have asked about the hats the Rays were wearing yesterday. There was a moment of silence before the game to remember four St. Pete police officers killed in the line of duty. The hats were from the St. Pete police and worn in their memory.

Keep an eye on this guy

The Pirates get to see the Rays two more days, so watch out for Catcher Robinson Chirinos.  A split Pirates squad will visit them tomorrow.   We will be in Bradenton unless something should change.

Daniel McCutchen got to an 0-2 count on the Rays  Chirinos before he responded with a bases-loaded double in the seventh. It was just inside the line. Chirinos followed that up with a bloop single behind second base in the eighth. Yeh, it was frustrating as hell to be one of maybe–maybe ten Pirates fans at the game.

But Chirinos who had what, four runs batted in those two innings, was the killer.

Pedro Wins

Not sure if you guys saw this, but David Price was Pedro Alvarez’s roommate at Vandy.

"“That one stings,” Price said. “I’ve been telling him for two weeks now that I was going to hit him. To throw him four straight fastballs that he couldn’t even swing at, that’s tough.”"

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