Liar Source: Pittsburgh Pirates Reach Out to Charlie Sheen


Unless you have been

living under a rock, everyone is well aware the Pittsburgh Pirates have had their fair share of losing.

Charlie Sheen knows a little bit about struggling.  He has had some battles lately too.

But when he told the Today Show’s Jeff Rossen that he had “tiger blood” and that it made him impervious to the dangers of addiction and losing, the Pirates must have been listening to  the interview.   Tigers are blood thirsty.  They stalk and kill their prey. 

The past few years of Pirates baseball have not been blood thirsty.  There is little stalking involved when the Pirates play on the road.  The team kills another team very rarely.

So what did the Pirates do about it?  In the past it would be sign a  vet for ten million, no longer.  These days, the Bucs go for blood.  A source that lies all the time told me another lie and said they called Charlie Sheen.

The rest is magical.  Details  were not available at our deadline, but we did get a glimpse at a first run of what appears to be a celebrity endorsment.

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