Your Crazy Bets On The Pittsburgh Pirates 2011 Season


After burning

our brains for five days in Las Vegas, we head back to Pittsburgh today with one thing on our brain.  Gambling.

If you aren’t familiar with the term prop bet, or proposition bet, it goes something like this.    A situation is explained, such as what color Gatorade will be poured on the winning coach.  That’s the proposition and the bet would give a few options and the odds of each.  Gambling sites normally limit the payout on such bets, but they definently make big games like the Super Bowl more interesting.

The bets have been as simple as heads or tails on the coin flip to an over/under on how long Christina Aguillera will take to sing the National Anthem.

Simple stuff.

So we wanted to think what Pittsburgh Pirates prop bets would be interesting.  We thought of a few of our own and then promptly didn’t write them down.  Here are a couple we kept coming back to…

Over/under on the number of minutes into the home opener that Clint Hurdle gets tossed.

Over/under on the mumber of minutes into the second home game that Clint Hurdle is tossed.

Odds of Hurdle being tossed in all of the home games in April.

Number of minutes after Ryan Doumit is traded that Bob Smizik hits publish on a Bob Nutting is cheap column that gets 250 comments.

Vegas fried our brains, so we asked some friends for some of their favorites and Third Boss and E Mac from Twitter came up with these:

Andrew McCutchen stealing home
What happens first, the Pirates break their losing seasons streak or Ronny Cedeno walks
Over under on Doumit errors
Over under on Frank Connelly dynasty references
Over under on new Joe Biemel tattoos being a story in the Trib
Over under on players with staches after a road losing streak
Over under on Pedro Alveraz %body fat
Over under on how many balls or nuts Chris Snyder will finish the season with

As the boys continued to drink, they filed an update:

Who plays more games this year, Sidney Crosby or Ryan Doumit
More lines of coke Pirate Parrot or Steely McBeam
More Miller Lites me or Eric… oh wait never mind different sport
Over under Kevin Hart appearances on the big league club
Over under on All-Stars traded at the deadline

Obviously you can come up with some better ones than these, so have at it…