Pirates McCutchen In Lineup, Video Of His First Spring Training Bomb


The injury news regarding Andrew McCutchen made most Pittsburgh Pirates fans take a sigh of relief.  He is back in the Pirates lineup, batting third against the Toronto Blue Jays.  McCutchen has some nerve irritation in his wrist said Rob Biertempfel. 

McCutchen is quoted as telling Biertempfel what every baseball fan knows:

"“I can hit, I can throw, I can do anything,” McCutchen said."

Read the link, but McCutchen mentioned something about maybe hitting it on a counter?  Whatever.  Nevertheless, it looks like it’s nothing.  But we were curious if McCutchen may have tweeked his wrist early in Spring Training camp.  Or maybe when he was gunned out trying to steal second the other night against the Yankees.

Our curiousity lead us to review a few games and all of our Spring Training video.

We came up empty.  But we did find a video where McCutchen didn’t come up empty.

Let’s trust we see a few more of these in the coming days.

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