Pirates Owner Is ‘Extremely Enthusiastic About 2011’


We aren’t sure what is growing out of Pittsburgh Pirates Owner Bob Nutting’s forehead

in this video which was recorded a while  ago when Nutting addressed the team privately.  God, it looks painful, but anyway, it seems he doesn’t want to talk about failure.  It sounds like Rob Beirtempfel might have asked whose head will be on the chopping block should the Pirates season not go well.  Of course, Nutting wants nothing to do with such talk. We think that might be one of the smartest things the Pirates owner has every said.

We enjoyed the part around 6:35 when Pirate beat writer Colin Dunlap asks him a good question, Nutting turns and looks over at Biertempfel as he says that it does no good looking at the past.  We paused it at 6:42, love the half smile Bob.

Nutting even goes into the straight man role around 8:00 when he fools Dunlap.  Damn, for being the owner of the Bucs franchise facing such a long road ahead, Nutting seems like he is really enjoying himself.  Perhaps he bought a boat load of gold or something before the interview, maybe he hit the lottery, but we’ve never seen Bob Nutting this happy…..even with that monster tumor on his forehead.

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