Pittsburgh Pirates Caffeine



have been fighting with uploading a Pirates fight song that was sent to us. It’s unreal. We love it, upbeat, gonna be big.   Anyway, the Bucs are off today which sucks.  Drink up.

Love the headline.

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Hate the ranking.

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Sad stuff.

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You might have seen this after the game yesterday, Pedro and Clint spent some time together.  We can’t tell, but it appears and in reading the story Dunlap did in the PG+ that Clint (need a real arm out there) is trying to throw some curveballs.  We also can’t tell, but hope that Gregg Ritchie is somewhere on the field.   (He might be the man in the yellow leaning on the cage staring intently at Alvarez)

The offspeed is killing Alvarez as he is striking out at a ridiculous level this Spring. Maybe he is too muscular? Sorry had to.   Alvarez will come around. Always does.

But how many offspeed pitches will Alvarez see in April?  Whew.

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