‘It’s Time:’ Pirates Neal Huntington Show Highlights, Our Prediction


The Sunday

Neal Huntington show isn’t able to be heard easily by about 60% of our readers.  We thought we would give you a quick snapshot of what the Bucs GM had to say today.

The first question was a twitter question that Huntington answered about the young arms.

Jameson Taillon threw three innings the other day, “allowed a couple of soft singles. ”

Stetson Allie still working through that outing the other day.


Greg Brown:  Where do they young arms start?

The optimistic call would be West Virginia.  Still some things to work through with both guys.  Huntington said he is more concerned with where they finish.

Huntington added, “Luis Heredia as a 16 year old might be ready to tackle challenge of GCL come to June.”


The discussion regarding the balance of the AAA rotation.  Huntington said, “we could easily put five prospects into that rotation.  Lincoln is unknown right now, does he start on DL?”  Huntington then mentioned that  Lincoln will be in AAA rotation.

If we need someone who can come up and give us a spot start then balance is the key.  3 prospects 2 others?

Neal went through some scenarios but didn’t answer specifically what the AAA rotation would be.

He did say, ” Rudy is probably ahead of the others.”

Huntington mentioned selecting the rotation is a real “challenge for us, for Kyle Stark to decide the AAA rotation.”

Huntington did say of course that if a young starter didn’t make the AAA rotation they would go to AA and remain a starter.


We have to work through with the Chris Snyder injury.  He said the team would try and work through it in the next 24-48 hours.  The injury issue is not in same spot as Chris Snyder had the surgery on his back.

Huntington said the issue is muscular in nature.

“Our focus is getting him back.”

Neal did say he thinks it’s something they can work through.


Greg Brown:  So if Snyder starts on the DL the team would just go with two catchers?  Would Jaramillo be the number one guy or is Doumit the number one guy? 

“It would be the catcher that Clint feels is the best for us on that particular night.”

Neal said, “If Snyder needs DL’d is it ten, fifteen?  We don’t know. Fortunately Jason has had a very good spring.”


Can James McDonald be built up enough?  Jeff Karstens is contingency.  Or Brian Burres could be spot start option.  Burres could start in AAA and come up if the Pirates need him.

Is Mike Crotta still in the mix?  Yes.

We still have some competition.  Chris LeRoux has come on late.  Olson has had one good outing, one not so good.  Olson is a  guy the Pirates “acquired for a reason.”

“Unfortunately we hate to make decisions that late (Philly) we have to give ourselves time to make the right decision for the organization.”  Neal Huntington said.


Neal was hesitant to say he wouldn’t make a waiver claim or a trade.


Neal spoke positively about Josh Rodriguez.  “Bat has come on lately.”

It’s a close decision between Pedro Ciriaco and Josh Rodriguez.   It seemed to me like the Pirates really want to keep JRod.  Huntington talked about things that were irreversable, like letting JRod go, they would never get him back.


Steve Pearce needs to produce.  Pedro Ciriaco has benefits of going back to AAA.  Working on his bat.  RumBunter prediction here—Pedro C. is getting cut.


Jose Silva is “still under contract to another organization so that is the limit of my comments”

The VSL Pirates won a championship for the third time in five years.  The team got their rings at McKechnie Field.

Mike Lum got the Chuck Tanner WE Are Family Award.  The award best represents what Chuck believed in.

Lum is the Gulf Coast League coach that was hurt during batting practice last season. Lum, who has over 25 years of professional coaching experience, spent a lot of time in the Milwaukee organization.  Before that Lum was with the Chicago White Sox organization for 16 years.

When asked about a prediction Neal said one thing regarding the ML club that stuck out to us:  “It’s time.”

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