One Of The Best Andrew McCutchen Stories Ever


Last night during the

Pittsburgh Pirates and Philadelphia Phillies game in Filthadelphia, Greg Brown told the story of some young men playing Call of Duty online when something pretty cool happened. The young man noticed that the online player he and his friends were battling had a username that made him think he could be the Pirates star center fielder.

So he did what any Pirates fan would do, he asked the guy would you happen to be Andrew McCutchen?

The man on the other side of the headset said yeh, he was McCutchen.

His friends playing the game couldn’t believe it. Soon, Dad was put on the headset to find out for certain why everyone in the living room was pumped about this man claiming to be McCutchen.

The possibility that it would be Cutch seemed to good to be true and many people know that Cutch loves video games, specifically Call of Duty as written in Pittsburgh Magazine last year:

"Andrew McCutchen is not watching game film or scouting opponents. He finished that homework hours before when he first arrived at PNC Park. He is doing what nearly every other 23-year-old does to pass the time—playing the video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox.“This is my pre-game routine,” McCutchen explains. “This is what I do to relax and get in the right frame of mind.” The center fielder’s reflexes on the sticks are nearly as impressive as his preposterous agility on the diamond…”"

But since Dad was a big baseball fan, he had one helluva puzzler to gain confirmation from the man on the other side of the headset.  So Dad asked “ok a few years back the Altoona Curve were playing at Blair County Ballpark and were trailing late in the game facing a bases loaded jam. What happened?

Dad quickly discovered the man was telling the truth because he described the game situation perfectly.

McCutchen said, oh yeh, a ball was hit over my head, I raced back to the wall and caught the ball as it was sailing over the fence to save a grand slam. Then we won the game in the ninth and I had a big double.

Yeh, it was Andrew McCutchen after all.  Dad gave the headset back to his son so Andrew McCutchen could continue to play the game and talk with his opponents for the next hour.

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