Pirates Video Caffeine:


UPDATE:  The video has been removed.  Lame.  The Sox Cubs fan who spilled the beer yesterday lost his Packers hat, and pissed off his girlfriend did an interview about it.  He even grabbed a new beer!

But this is all that is left of the man who was a cult hero at Wrigley for four minutes.


The Friday song…gotta listen to Mercer.

GFJ speaks with George Castle about trying to establish himself in MLB while also working with some of the younger Bucs. He also lets George know it isn’t easy, I enjoyed that part.

Nice throw Colvin


Shelby Ford talks about what he can control like helping the Bradenton playoff push. He sounds positive. Remember when Ford was in camp in 2009? Being around those veterans sounds like it helped the young guys with the Marauders. Interesting interview, even with the ringing phone.

Used to call it Steel….

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