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We are pleased to be the first to inform you

that we are working with Scouting The Sally to provide you with first hand reports of talented players throughout the country.  Stop by throughout the season for reports directly from Mike and his fantastic site.

Mike was able to check out the position every Pirates fan has bitched about after the first five games.  Ronny Cedeno.

It’s obvious that the Bucs are looking for that impact shortstop of the future.  Who isn’t in MLB?  (Well the Cubs aren’t–damn Castro is a beast boy) So is that SS currently in the Pirates system?

Is Chase d’Arnaud the answer?  It would be nice, but d’Arnaud didn’t blow us away in spring training.  He still has a lot of work to do if our opinion matters.

So you’re still looking around the Pittsburgh Pirates system for the answer at shortstop right?  Scouting the Sally has a video up of Pirates SS Benji Gonzalez.

Mike mentions that Gonzalez needs to get stronger in his scouting report.   The kid can fly, but let’s trust he can bulk up over the next two seasons.   Here is the report on Gonzalez at his site.

Gonzalez was memorable in Pirates Spring Training this season for one main reason.  The reason that a player never wants to be remembered for at any time.  Gonzalez had the most forgettable three innings of his life and booted more balls than we even care to mention.  Two of them came on back-to-back plays from the 5’11, 160 pounder out of Puerto Rico Baseball Academy.

The bottom line:

Most fans agree the Pirates shortstop position needs upgraded.  It’s up to one of the young players in the system to step up and take the job.  Gonzalez has some work to do to get there.

It makes even more sense to us know why Neal Huntington held on to Josh Rodriguez.  Let’s trust Rodriguez gets a start today so we can see how he performs on the big stage.  d’Arnaud can’t be too excited about that, but he wasn’t exactly impressive this spring either which is a shame.