Why We Love Opening Day


Opening Day

is officially a holiday at RumBunter. You won’t find much of anything here today. And that’s as it should be.

We trust you enjoy the game whether you’re overseas defending our great country or listening to the game on your radio. It’s a great, great game isn’t it? Enjoy it.

We love opening day because baseball owners always piss somebody off by opening their mouth.

We love baseball because every now and then, a player shocks the hell out of experts who said he could never do it.

We love baseball because it makes the cotton candy taste better, the beer taste colder, and the women look hotter.

But none hotter than my wife who handed me two special tickets in the Lexus Club for today and said, you can’t miss the opener honey–here, go, have fun. God I love my wife. She must want something. But what? My winter to-do list was finally completed last weekend when I finshed off the kitchen redo. Maybe she needs a plasma TV on the deck…so she can watch baseball with me this summer? That’s probably it.

We love 2011 opening day because we won’t have to post the 2010 opening day lineup anymore.  Ever.

We love opening day because there is new grass on the field and some players that are checking it out for the first time.

Every team is still in the race. The enthusiasm boils. The smell of hot dogs on the grill. The dreams dance in our heads of what could lie ahead….. Ahhh, it’s a new season baseball fans. Enjoy.

If you have some reasons why you love baseball and specifically opening day, please let us know. We really enjoy reading what you have to say. It’s usually better than what we write anyway.

Predictions are encouraged. If Maholm can get his curveball over, this game is the Buccos.

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