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The Neal Huntington Show

notes from this week.  Once again, this is recapped as quickly and briefly as possible.  If you have questions send them to us on Twitter and we will give our take on the show.  This week’s show was very concise and was highlighted by Huntington talking about Jose Tabata.

What a move by Neal and his staff to get Tabata.  The left fielder is on fire as you know and it was interesting to listen to Huntington talk about Tabata idolizing Roberto Clemente.

The tweet question of the week was from @PittHappens:

What is the long term outlook on Josh Rodriguez?

Same thing we felt the day we drafted him.  Help in outfield and as utility infielder.  Hope one day he can become everday player.  Huntington discussed the changes in the Rule 5 draft.  Meek, Veal being last of the class with less risk.  The upside risk is much higher with the rule change.

We like him.  But yet we still have to see growth and development.

Greg Brown:  Ronny Cedeno and how he has performed?

Much the same as he has in the past.  The potential is still there, but there is no question he needs to develop more.  Working counts more,  we need consistent play out of Ronny.  Nick is working with him defensively.  It’s time.

Bobby Crosby pushing Cedeno last year.  Do you have anybody that would be able to push Ronny if need be?  Or is it outside the organization?

Josh Rodriguez.  Pedro Ciriaco.  Jordy Mercer is most accomplished defender.  Mercer is going to take bats in AA.  It’s not as bleak as people paint it to be.  There isn’t a ton of impact guys at the position.  Makes it harder to get in a trade.  Ciriaco needs to play everyday.  We saw good things from him athletically.  Chase needs to play more SS.  We have internal alternatives.  But we are looking for Ronny to step up.

Rodriguez can handle the balls hit to him.  Steady but not spectacular.

Injuries.  Ross Ohlendorf’s shoulder

More of a muscle strain.  We decided to go safe.  At this point in time, don’t think it’s as bad as last year.  Until we need the spot in the rotation we have flexibility.  Gives us time to get Ross where he needs to be.

McCutchen out of bullpen?

Daniel skill set may best fit being a multi-inning reliever while he is on the club.

Option while Ross is out?

For a while Karstens was a solid starter for us.

Brian Burres for stretches did the same thing.  he also had some tough starts.

Rehab start for Lincoln will be four innings and 65 pitches for Brad Lincoln today.  He could be an option.

Evan Meek, do you feel off day will get him ready for Tuesday?

It’s a precaution.  Clint wanted to stay away from Meek.

Joe Beimel?

Hewill need a ‘spring training’ now, then go to Indianapolis.

Scott Olsen?

Scott Olsen regaining arm strength.  Much like Beimel, needs a ‘spring training’  get him a little bit stretched out and determine from there.

Yates worked so hard to get back.  Just one pitch, he felt the pull.  A glimmer of good news if there is such a thing.

Chris Snyder does return shortly?

Get him to a point where he catches nine innings.  And then back to back.  We are getting closer to that.

Doumit’s play made it more difficult?

Ryan had a tough spring.  Proud guy.  Wants to continue beyond this year.  Show us and 29 teams he is capable of that.  Errant throw.  Worked hard.  When we don’t overexpose him, he is a servicable catcher.  in the role he is in, he can help a team win.  I am not sure we indicated toward three catchers, we kept options open?

Right field was mentioned being an option for Hurdle with Doumit.   If we feel our best 25 man club is one with Doumit as backup or with Snyder that’s the way we will go.

Loss of Ramon Aguero?

We didn’t see it.  That’s not saying he won’t improve, we just didn’t see it.  Our Rule 5 will pale in comparision with this year.  That’s a good sign.  Getting deeper and more talented.

AAA Rotation? 

Rudy Owens will finish out AAA rotation.  We could have had five prospects in that rotation with Lincoln.   See if we can rebuild value with Sean Gallagher.

AA Rotation

Aaron Pribanic pitches tomorrow.  Quality, quality sinker.

Charlie Morton?

Pitched himself into trouble.  Lowering slot nearly idintaical movement on two and four…dropped slot a little, mjore sink and more run.  learning how to command and control.  allowed pound right handers down and in…unfortunately most of misses were down and in.

pitch through adversity.  pitched around leadoff walks…one pitch away from double play.  Charlie is showing very encouraging signs.


too many walks, hitter counts.  Got to be aggressive, trust the pitches.  Encouraging signs, but signs for development.

Maholm has to hit spots.  He missed few spots to some of the better hitters in the NL and they made Paul pay.

Pauls job is to keep us in a ball game.  More often than not, he has done that.


Huntington spoke very quickly.  It was easy to tell he was impressed with the right hander the Bucs picked up in free agency as Correia received glowing reviews from Huntington.

A great discussion on Tabata.

Tabata has such an advanced approach we can project the power coming.

The media hammers him on being a left fielder with no power.  That’s the last thing we need Tabata to be worried about.  As he matures the power will come.

He has the feel, the bat speed and the strength.

Huntington talked about the Bucs making sure he understood what the Pirates expected from him.

He is advanced mentally.  Knows what he wants to do.

Focused on being a great hitter.  Hitting over power is more important for us.

Good stuff as usual from Huntington on today’s show.

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