Pirates Caffeine: Welcome Back Tony Plush. Nyjer Morgan Returns To PNC Park


Nyjer Morgan returns

to Pittsburgh as a Milwaukee Brewer tonight.

There is no doubt in my mind that I will give Nyjer a round of applause.   Tony Plush was hilarious in front of a microphone when he was away from the field, and when he was doing his thing on the field, he was a slide past the base,  burst of energy that was fun to watch.

Well for a season anyway.  I can’t say that I miss Morgan, but surely this is a trick by the Brewers.  I have never cheered for a Milwaukee player in my life.

But Plush, well he is a gentleman.   Hell it’s confusing in the world of Nyjer Morgan.  Is this why he got the boot in Washington?  He doesn’t like finishing his sprints?

Right click and open the article below.  I respect Werth in a big way with what he is trying to do in Washington.

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So who on the Pirates will be the Werth like leader?  Who will tell a reporter they don’t like their tone?

My money is on nobody at the moment.  But we trust it happens.  It needs to.   But more important than that, who will be the leader of the Pirates?  Right now, I can’t pick one out.  Can you?


Where has Charlie’s swing and miss stuff gone? Pat fires up his Electric Meter after Morton’s last start.

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We thought this was funny from the article below…

Relaxed and jovial, Meek takes extra delight in being one member of an extremely loose Pirates bullpen. At a recent pre-season game in Philadelphia, teammates adorned a photo of Donald Trump, in typical “bad hair” mode, on Meek’s locker. On it, they wrote, “After an All-Star year, Meek goes for a new look.”

“I haven’t cut my hair in a while, so maybe they’re trying to tell me something,” Meek said. “This is funny. And I’ve actually been fired once in baseball. But you have to have fun in this game to survive. The important thing is, I didn’t vanish. I believed I could pitch in the big leagues. It just took working harder. It’s not how you get there, it’s that you get there.”

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The love for Nate McLouth continues in this interesting article by Anup.

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Can’t get enough of Clint Hurdle? Fan Graphs takes a look.

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