Radar Guns Could Become Obsolete…. Like Typewriters?


So what is an effective fastball and a great spin rate?  Tom Verducci

has a great article on Sports Illustrated that you need to read.     Verducci can forsee scout speak  including these terms in the near future.

The article made me think, who has a high spin rate on the Pirates staff?

The following paragraph summed it up for us.  (And look who is on the list of pitchers with high spin rates on their fastballs–tonights starter for the Brewers, Shaun Marcum.)

"Curveballs with a high spin rate are roughly 50 percent harder to hit than curveballs with a low spin rate. What also is interesting is that some preliminary data suggests high spin rates also make fastballs harder to hit. Pitchers who don’t throw hard but have high spin rates on their fastball — such as Shaun Marcum of the Brewers and Koji Uehara of the Orioles — post higher strikeout rates than their modest velocity would otherwise suggest."

Clipped from: sportsillustrated.cnn.com (share this clip)