An Easter Miracle: Can Brandon Wood Revive His Dead Career With Pirates?


This morning Brandon Wood

has arrived in the land of cast off first round picks.  It’s a process that hasn’t been especially effective for Neal Huntington, but he never gives up or gets tired of taking a look at the once uber hyped.

It’s rather fitting it’s Easter weekend.  If Wood can come back from the dead it would literally shock me.  Let’s trust we can see Wood in the lineup tonight.  We saw a tweet somewhere last night that said Wood will be playing all of the infield positions.

Brandon Wood said all the right things to Colin Dunlap.  He’s pumped to be coming to Pittsburgh, wants to work with Clint Hurdle, and has spoke to Neal Huntington.  He arrived this morning in Pittsburgh after a layover in Chicago. 

Sam Miller of The Orange County Register put together an excellent slide show regarding the uber hyped Brandon Wood.

And for all of you calling me a downer on Wood, it’s not just the curveball he has trouble hitting.  Nobody would be more estatic than me to see Wood turn into Jose Bautista, or hell even a slightly below average shortstop for that sake.  But there doesn’t seem to be much chance for that to happen based on his past performance.

Anyone know the number of a faith healer?  Evangelist?  Witch Doctor?

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