Has It Really Been That Long For The Pirates?


Seven years ago, Jason Bay was

working on his Rookie of the Year Award for the Pittsburgh Pirates.  It’s hard to believe it’s been that long since the Pittsburgh Pirates had the opportunity to grab a winning record.

Damn, we have suffered.

One of the players that has caused the suffering is on the mound for the LA Dodgers tonight.  Chad Billingsley is 4-0 against the Bucs in his career.  A part of me hopes he doesn’t get a paycheck this week.  Chad sucks.

You are probably still awake from your .500 celebration.  it’s been a fun week with the Pirates winning five games in the past seven.  Not so great for the Dodgers who had just one win in the past seven games.

Let’s trust Jeff Karstens isn’t the cure for the Dodgers blues. Karstens sucks against LA in his career.  He has been lit up in three starts, four appearances.   The right-hander has made four starts for the Bucs this year and has been respectable, but the last time out he lasted just four plus while he gave up two bombs against San Diego.

It’s crazy to try and comprehend what we are about to write.  Tonight’s game against the Dodgers could be historic for the Pirates.  They are trying to do something…damn, it doesn’t even make sense.  But way back on May 29, 2004 the Bucs had a winning record of 23-22.  Apparently it’s been a while since the Pirates were in this position.  It is still mind numbing to comprehend and we lived it.

Paid to see it.

And literally bought into it.


Way back in 2004…here is what was going on.

That little f you see in the corner was founded/stolen/borrowed in Cambridge.   We probably should have gone to that school and volunteered our services.  And we have the courage to question Hurdle for the decisions he makes?

Back to baseball


But damn if it isn’t refreshing to watch this 2011 baseball club play.  (And to think other than RF, 2B, and catcher most of them haven’t started producing consistently) Especially yesterday when it looked about as likely to see a Pirates win as a Ryan Doumit three-run home run ball while batting right handed land in the arms of a Mom…..with a child in her arms.

It’s been a storybook season thus far.  The pitching is unreal, so many Pirates aren’t playing well.  But yet, so many wins keep getting tacked up in the win column.

None were more dramatic then the gift Ryan Doumit gave to the Mom’s at PNC yesterday.   Dewey sent the Pirates lovin’ Moms home estatic with joy, not just with some  earrings that will be green in a week.

This series could be a big one for the Pirates catcher who jumped to number three on the all-time Pirates homer list with his Mother’s Day blast.  Doumit was hot last season against the Dodgers with four extra base hits.

One bright spot for the Buccos is the fact that Billingsley has an ERA near five in his last eight times out against the Bucs.  Perhaps the Bucs can put up enough runs on the board to make the thought of Facebook being invented the last time the Pirates…oh, ….nevermind.   Tonight is simply a must win for the Pirates.

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