Pirates Offense Diagnosed With Anemia


It’s rather easy to

tell that the Pirates’ offense is struggling in looking at the past ten games.  Cocktailsfor2 sent us the official diagnosis chart, and we simply confirmed it.  As the dreaded Brewers series wraps up in Milwaukee today, we put on our doctor’s coat for a quick exam.

The Pirates are in pain, so here is what we discovered in looking at the past ten games:

Matt Diaz hasn’t walked in the past ten games and is 7-for-26.

Garrett Jones is 4-for-his-last 23 with seven strikeouts, but has walked five times.

Pedro Alvarez is 6-for-31 with four walks, but eleven strikeouts.

Jose Tabata is hitting .100 with seven walks in his past ten games.  He is 3-for-30.

Lyle Overbay is hitting .250.

Chris Snyder is 6-for-his-last 30 (.200) with six walks.

Steve Pearce is 5-for-21 in his past ten games which is good for a .238 average.

Brandon Wood has struck out eight times and is 7-for-30 in his past ten games.

Ronny Cedeno has walked four times, scored five runs,  is 8-for-his-past-30 and has reached base safely in nine of the past ten games.

Neil Walker has ten hits and has hit .278.

Andrew McCutchen is hitting .282 in his past ten.

So there you have it, Pirate fans.  With not one player hitting over .300 –  hell, not even .285 in the past ten games – losses are starting to pile up.  But still,  a 4-6 record with the recent struggles is commendable.  The Pirates have scored 3.6 runs per game and somehow managed to scratch out four wins in their past ten.

But in the last five games, four of which have been losses, the Bucs have barely been able to average two runs per game.  Although insanely frustrating, it could (and probably should) be a little worse.  The challenge continues today for a young Pirates team who will need to start counter-punching against the Brewers’  Zack Greinke.

It will be hard to watch today, with anemic symptoms moving into the red for some of the Pirates, but a trip to Washington, DC awaits.  The Nationals lead Major League Baseball in strikeouts with 322, the Pirates are only two behind setting up a battle of Anemic vs. Anemic in DC, but it might be just what the doctor ordered.

Ok.  Enough.  Pay the receptionist on the way out.

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