Could Dylan Bundy Be Pirates Top Pick?


So you’re scared of

the Pirates taking  Anthony Rendon with the first pick?  We understand.  The Pittsburgh Pirates had to earn the first pick in the upcoming Amateur Draft by being the worst team in MLB and damn if it wasn’t painful.

All that pain should be rewarded with a consensus number one. It should be a clear homerun who the Bucs take in the draft.

If only it was that easy.

With just a couple of weeks until the big day, there isn’t a clear number one pick.  But there are three facts:  Scott Boras represents Anthony Rendon.  Jay Franklin represents Dylan Bundy.  We don’t think that matters one bit.  And finally Dylan Bundy is a beast.  Just watch.

In this draft, Anthony Rendon has been the can’t miss pick forever.  Now doubts have come to the forefront as college pitchers try and do anything except pitch to Rendon.

So as Colin Dunlap tweeted today and Neal Huntington sort of alluded to yesterday, perhaps….just perhaps the Bucs are interested in Bundy as their top choice.

At the very least it’s interesting  for Pirates fans to consider.  We mean how often does a player squat 500 pounds and leg press more than twice that number?

Risky? Hell yes.  The world will end should the Bucs jack up this first pick in the draft.  Bundy is about as tall as Ian Snell physically, but Bundy is a machine. Watching Bundy have a dominant senior year can’t help the Pirates draft board stay clean, the names are starting to pile up.

So sure it’s risky.  Bundy is at the very least an  interesting enough player that you should take a closer look.  He will definently be one of the top picks in the draft.  The only question now is by whom.


Anup rarely oogles on a player so just go ahead and click this link.

100 mph is cool….

but Bundy seems more interested in liftining weights and that’s cool with us.



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