The Dash


The Pirates

are living out the most dreadful dash in the history of American Sports…..

Trust in the Pirates organization has been lost….

Every decision that is made by the Pirates organization will be second guessed….

Rumors will persist….

The beginnings of respectability won’t occur….

There will be moments of pure joy followed by periods of sustained frustration and sadness….

Passionate employees will continue to make mistakes that distance the franchise from the fanbase…..

Hiring Our Lord Jesus Christ as VP of Public Relations won’t matter….

Decisions made by the Pirates front office will be judged as solely based on finances…..

The Pirates aren’t relevant to the majority of the sports world….

Yearly talk of a Pirates championship will be met with laughter…..

A smiling owner will never fully gain the trust of the fanbase…..

….until the the Pittsburgh Pirates put another date after their dash.

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[Inspired by the Soderquist Institute What’s Your Legacy speech we heard last night]