Pirates James McDonald Out To End The Skid


The New York Mets

send R.A. Dickey to the mound with a bad wheel.  Last night on the telecast there was talk of the Pirates bunting the ball to see how well Dickey can move off the mound.  Great idea.

Take a deep breath, turn down the sound and pray Pirates fans.

Dickey dominated the Bucs last fall holding them scoreless for eight innings.  It was a Pirates offensive suckfest as Dickey held the Pirates to just five hits.  It was the only time Dickey has ever pitched against the Pirates.

James McDonald goes for the hot pitching Buccos staff.  J-Mac threw five innings last August against the Fets and gave up five runs, he came back in September and fired eight scoreless.  Reminds me of J-Mac thus far this season in April and May.  We look for McDonald to end this Shiti Field skid tonight in New York.

The Bucs are getting insanely solid starting pitching recently.  The starters have been on a huge stretch over the past eleven games.  The Pirates simply aren’t cashing in at the plate.  That’s the bottom line.  Despite a few blowouts that have the Bucs winning the scoring differential during those eleven games 47-26, the ballclub is just 6-5.

The fielding has been above average this month with just ten recorded miscues, but the team has only won 12 of 25 games.  A win tonight would even the record for the month, and although we aren’t inspired by that effort, it’s better than it’s been in a while.   I guess that counts for something.

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For all those coming out to the party on Saturday, it looks like Charlie Morton will get the start.  Let’s trust we can still see at that time of night.