Six Pack With Rising Apple


Ben Berkon is the Lead Writer over at  Rising Apple.    He is a Mets fans.  We shared a six pack today.

Why do the Mets own the Pirates at Citi Field?

-I think the Mets are finally getting used to their own stadium.


Is R.A. Dickey  going to dominate the Pirates again tonight?

-He hasn’t really dominated anyone this season, so it would be a very pleasant surprise if he did.

Why is your owner such a stupid billionare?  Doesn’t it take brains to have that much wealth?
-When you’re that rich, sometimes making even more money becomes a sport. And instead of concentrating on a real sport–like baseball–he got-in with the wrong guys.

Why does K-Rod get so many opportunities in non-save situations and does that piss you off or do you think a closer’s role should not be so rigid?

-It really grinds my gears. K-Rod is on-pace to finish 61 games (and needs 55 to have his $17.5 million option become guaranteed), and while I think Collins should be able to use him in most if not all save situations, using him for the sake of using him is silly.

If you could trade for any Pittsburgh Pirates player who would it be?

-I’ll take one Andrew McCutchen, please.

What’s your “outsiders” view of the Pirates?

-I see the Pirates as an up-and-coming franchise. They have a very solid offensive core with Pedro Alvarez, Neil Walker, Andrew McCutchen, Jose Tabata, and even Chris Snyder. If the Pirates could some-how lure a big-time starting pitcher (i.e. C.C. Sabathia) and a few high/middle-range ones too (i.e. Ryan Dempster or C.J. Wilson), I think they would be a very serious contender in the NL Central.